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    ABB Busbars

    Need to safely connect MCBs, RCDs, or DIN rail components to other devices? ABB busbars can help you do exactly that with ease and efficiency. A busbar is a metallic bar or strip used in electrical power distribution systems and panel boards to safely conduct electrical currents. Due to busbars generally being made of aluminium or copper, they have superior thermal properties and electrical conductivity.

    The ABB busbars range offers busbars suitable for single, double, triple, or quadruple phase applications, with current ratings including 63A, 65A, 80A, and 100A.

    Features and Benefits

    ABB busbars are designed and manufactured using high-quality materials with precision, allowing efficient connection and distribution of electricity to other devices and components. Some key features and benefits of ABB busbars are:
    • Suitable for 1, 2, 3, or 4 phase electrical applications
    • Increase capacitance
    • Quick and simple to install
    • Reduce system costs
    • Deter wiring and connection errors
    • Improved reliability and low maintenance
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