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    Siemens Busbar

    Whether you're working with switchboards, battery banks, distribution boards, substations, or other category of electrical apparatus, Siemens busbars are renowned by engineers as a high quality and consistently reliable product.

    They're designed and manufactured to help you achieve truly flexible distribution of significant currents across a range of different circuits and system types. We stock many different types of Siemens electrical busbars, ideal for making light work of complex power distribution applications by providing a range of flexible solutions.

    What are busbar phases, and what phase counts are available for Siemens busbars?

    There are various types of busbars sold online, including phased Siemens busbars which are supported by insulators. The main sorts of busbars you'll find in our catalogue are:

    • Rigid busbars are used in low, medium or high-voltage applications., and made with aluminium rods or copper bars with porcelain insulators.
    • Strain busbars are used in high-voltage applications, and most commonly found strung between the metal structures of a substation. They are held in place by suspension-type insulators.
    • Insulated phase busbars tend to be used at medium voltages, and are similar to the rigid busbars insofar as they're rigid bars that are supported by insulators.

    Phased Siemens busbars have the added advantage of being able to eliminate short circuits between adjacent phases. We stock 1-phase, 2-phase and 3-phase Siemens busbars, for use in a broad array of electrical setups with a significant spread of incoming currents and outgoing voltages.

    Siemens busbars are most often made from aluminium, brass or copper, and their primary function is to conduct and ground electricity during power transmission from the source to the load. Thanks to their flexibility and reliability, Siemens-branded busbar products are frequently prioritised for key electronics roles throughout a wide variety of industries and applications, including:

    • Factories
    • Data Centres
    • Retail Facilities
    • Laboratories
    • Hospitals
    • Universities
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