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    Eaton Busbars

    Do you need a way to effectively distribute electrical power across an industrial assembly? At RS we have a range of Busbars from Eaton to choose from, so you can make sure your electrical current gets where it needs to go. Eaton Busbars are designed to be highly dependable, safe, and high-quality, backed by Eaton's long-time expertise at designing innovative and high-performance power management solutions.

    What is a Busbar?

    A Busbar is a conductive solid metal bar or strip which carries electrical current. You’ll find them used in complex electrical distribution systems to deliver power more easily. These bars are usually made from materials like copper, brass, or aluminium. They are efficient at distributing power, making them an energy-friendly solution, and you can easily relocate or remove power without any downtime. They also have a long lifespan and are durable against external weather conditions. They can typically be found in switchgear and control panels, busway enclosures, and distribution boards.

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