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    Wall Fixing Kits

    Cavity fixing kits are collections of tools and components used during the installation, fitting and removal of items affixed to cavity walls and ceilings. The kits may include bolts, anchors, screws, plugs and inserts suited for surfaces like plasterboard, hardboard, ceilings and internal walls.

    What are cavity fixing kits used for?

    Cavity fixing kits are used in industries where items or objects must be securely fastened to vertical or horizontal surfaces made from materials like plywood, hardwood, plasterboard or mason board. Kits contain different sized screws and plugs.

    Types of cavity fixing kits

    Cavity fixing kits come in different varieties:

    • Loose bolt kits contain anchors and screws used for medium-weight applications like fitting wall plates, joist hangers, handrails or shelves. They are also used in brickwork and blockwork installations
    • Wall anchor kits contain components suitable for heavy-duty fitting and removal of objects such as radiators or air conditioners from cavity walls.
    • Wall plug kits are suitable for everyday installation and fitting of general, lightweight items like signage boards, artworks or light fixtures.
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