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    M8 Threaded Inserts

    An M8 threaded insert is a cylindrical tube-shaped metal fixing with an internal thread. They are inserted into an existing hole which provides a threaded receptacle so that screws, bolts, and other threaded fixings can be installed. M8 Threaded inserts are available in a range of fixing hole diameters and body depths to suit a variety of metalwork and panel building applications.

    RS offer a range of high-quality M8 inserts from leading brands including AVK, Bollhoff, and POP.

    How to fit a threaded insert

    The first step is to drill, mill tap, or cut a hole of the recommended size into the material the insert will be embedded. The second step depends entirely on the type of insert, the material it will be used with, and how the insert will be fitted.

    What material are M8 threaded inserts made of?

    Our M8 inserts are available in steel. Finishes can be plain or galvanized.

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