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    Tork Paper Towels

    Tork Paper Towels are an environmentally friendly, economical, and disposable alternative to a standard fabric hand towel. The Tork paper towel range offers flushable, hygienic, extra soft, and extra absorbency for all your commercial or industrial heavy-duty surface wiping. Tork puts the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards in all washrooms and industrial environments at the heart of what they do.

    Tork paper towels are Better World verified. So, if you're looking for high-quality fast-absorbing paper towels which are also economical and environmentally friendly, then Tork paper towels are what you're looking for. If you would like thicker paper towels, Tork offer 2-ply paper towels, giving you two layers of soft paper sheets. It is more economical and environmentally-friendly when Tork paper towels are used with a Tork paper towel dispenser, as this provides more control over the number of paper towels dispensed, further preventing excessive waste and greater hygiene as the unused paper sheet remain dry and untouched. If you have a Tork paper towel dispenser, it is crucial to know which size paper towel fits your existing dispensers.

    Whether you need folded paper towels, interleaved, or rolled paper towels, Tork have got the solution just for you.

    What does "ply" mean?

    Ply refers to the thickness of the paper towel, detailing the number of paper layers per paper towel that make up the whole paper sheet.

    Features and Benefits

    • Great absorbency – reduces the need to use an excessive amount of paper sheets
    • Multipurpose – Tork paper towels ca be used for drying hand, surface cleaning, glass cleaning, cleaning up spillages, dusting, and more
    • Versatile – can be used with or without a Tork paper towel dispenser
    • Variety of ply available to meet your required needs
    • Selection of paper sheet sizes to choose from


    • Toilets and washrooms in any commercial or industrial setting
    • Offices
    • Reception areas
    • Public shopping areas
    • Restaurants
    • Schools and Universities
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