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    Tork Paper Towel Dispensers

    Paper towel dispensers are crucial in any washroom, or any commercial or industrial environment, where maintaining hygiene is vital. Tork Paper Towel Dispensers can help your workplace deter the spread of viruses and infections, such as Covid-19, as they dispense only sections of a paper towel roll or individual paper towels.

    Tork are experts in high-quality washroom equipment and washroom supplies. Tork offer paper towel dispensers in many sizes – be it small, large, narrow, or wide, Tork have got you covered. Whether you need a wall-mounted, countertop, freestanding, portable, folded, or even a paper towel dispenser with a sensor, Tork have got the right solution just for you.

    How do Paper Towel Dispensers Work?

    Tork paper towel dispensers work by dispensing paper towel sheets, manually by hand, or automatically by a motion sensor dispenser. Using a paper towel dispenser improves hygiene and reduces paper waste, further making Tork paper towel dispensers a hygienic solution.

    Are paper towel dispensers better than a hand dryer?

    Tork paper towel dispensers work better to provide optimum hygiene in comparison to a hand dryer. If you are to use a Tork paper towel dispenser, it enables you to physically remove bacteria from your hands and place directly into a bin. Whereas the air blown from hand air dryers can spread bacteria in and around the surrounding area, leaving bacteria in the air, creating a less hygienic solution.

    Features and Benefits

    Tork Paper Towel Dispensers offer an array of different features to choose from, alongside many benefits, some of which include:
    • A simple and hygienic solution
    • Improves hygiene - offers good hand protection in comparison to a hand dryer
    • Convenient – Tork wall-mounted paper towel dispensers will save significant space in a washroom, especially if you are limited for space
    • Quick and easy to use - automatic and manual dispensers available
    • Easy maintenance to refill
    • A simple and cost-effective hygiene solution
    • Suitable range of material for your required setting – Tork paper towel dispensers are available in a variety of material to suit any washroom and material from ABS, metal, plastic, and stainless steel


    • Offices and reception areas
    • Warehouses
    • Public shopping areas
    • Restaurants
    • Schools and Universities
    • Toilets and washrooms in any commercial or industrial setting
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