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    Etching Equipment

    PCB Etching is a process that takes place when manufacturing a new PCB. Etching machines are used to create the copper traces on the printed circuit board. The process is done with the use of chemicals or acid to remove the excess copper from the copper laminate, which results in the required circuit.

    RS offer a range of etching machines, stencils, and PCB preparation machines for all of your PCB design and development needs.

    What are the different types of etching processes?

    Wet Etching

    An acid solution is used to dissolve the excess copper from the circuit board. When the board is dipped into a chemical solution it removes the excess leaving only the desired layout behind.

    Dry Etching

    Also known as plasma etching. Plasma will activate chemical reactions between surface and base atoms of the PCB laminate. This in turn dissolves the unwanted copper.

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