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    Silicone Rubber Sheets

    Silicone rubber sheeting is an engineering material that is highly flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures. Silicone rubber also performs well in outdoor applications due to its superior resistance to weathering and UV light. Silicone rubber is used in a wide range of industrial and commercial industries.

    Features and Benefits of Silicone rubber sheeting

    • Excellent resistance to high temperatures + 230˚C
    • Excellent resistance to cold temperatures -60˚C
    • Excellent resistance to UV and sunlight ageing
    • Chemically resistant to oils, solvents and other chemicals
    • Low absorption rate, around 1%
    • Good electrical insulation properties
    • Highly flexible and easy to work with


    Silicone rubber sheet is an engineering material that can be used in a wide range of industrial, commercial applications. The high-performance material is commonly used in

    • Automotive industry – For gaskets and seals
    • Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories – For insulating or heating mats
    • Manufacturing – Cooking and baking products

    RS offer a range of silicone rubber matting and sheeting available in various lengths and thicknesses.

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