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    EPDM Rubber Sheet

    EPDM is an acronym for “Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer”, it is a type of synthetic rubber made up of chemical properties.Many industries and companies use EPDM sheet rubber in applications that require both elasticities, ozone and UV resistance, properties that are a defining feature of the material.

    Typical applications for EPDM Rubber Sheet and Matting include

    • EPDM rubber has excellent weathering resistance to both fresh and salted water. This means that EPDM rubber is often used when water resistance is important. Typical applications include electrical cable jointing, roofing membranes, mechanical goods and geomembranes.
    • Other areas that it may be used are within seals, glass run channels, radiators and garden appliances.
    • EPDM rubber also has good resistance to temperature; this factor makes it a popular solution for marine environments.
    • Due to its excellent resistance to heat and temperature, EPDM rubber sheet is great for seals in industrial applications.
    • EPDM sheeting is a popular gasket material and often used in the automotive industry.
    • EPDM sheets are an excellent solution for areas where UV and harsh weather environments are a concern. EPDM rubber often used roofing material.

    Our wide range of EPDM rubber sheeting and matting are available in thicknesses between 1.5mm - 10mm and comes in various lengths and widths.

    EPDM rubber sheeting is available in white or black

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