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    Delrin® Rod

    Delrin® is the DuPont registered trademark for its brand of acetal resin also commonly referred to as polyoxymethylene (POM). This high-performance plastic is extremely strong and that’s down to some pretty impressive characteristics. Delrin® rod is stiff, has high mechanical strength, and has outstanding load-bearing qualities in both compression and tension. Delrin® Rod is robust enough to use as an alternative to metal due to its high wear resistance and low friction. Durable and tough. Perfect for demanding applications.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality black Delrin® rod and white Delrin® rod in handy 0.5m and 1m lengths. Diameters ranging from 6mm up to 40mm.

    Uses for Delrin® Rods

    As we mentioned before these plastic rods are exceptionally tough and can be used in some of the most challenging environments. Some of the most common uses are

    • Injection molding and machining
    • Bushings and bearings
    • Rollers and gears
    • Valves and manifolds
    • Jigs
    • Electrical components

    Key Features and Benefits of Delrin® Rod

    • High mechanical strength and rigidity
    • High impact resistance
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • Excellent resistance to solvents and other neutral chemicals
    • Low water absorption
    • Good electrical insulating characteristics
    • Easy to machine
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