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    Stainless Steel Rods

    Stainless steel rods, commonly known as Stainless steel round bar, is a raw form material used in applications such as construction, engineering and DIY to name a few. Its durable, high tensile strength and attractive appearance make it both reliable and aesthetically pleasing making it ideal for practical purposes in public spaces. Along with these traits, stainless steel rods offer a low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant material suitable for a wide range of jobs.

    What Are Stainless Steel Grades?

    The grade of stainless steel refers to its make-up and suitability for applications such as surgical or culinary grade.

    303S31 -The easiest to machine of the stainless steel grades, 303S31 includes sulphur in its composition also meaning its toughness and resistance to corrosion are slightly lower.304S31 - Also known as 1.4301 is suitable for a range of applications, it is essentially non-magnetic and is good for welding with/without the use of fillers as well as being easy to machine.316 - Found to be the second most common grade of stainless steel, 316 is similar to 304 stainless but has a slightly higher molybdenum percentage meaning it is slightly more resistant to corrosion.316S31 - Similar to standard 316, 316S31 stainless has a standard carbon makeup with lower molybdenum.Stainless steel rods and round bars can be found in a range of diameters and lengths each with various grades.
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