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    Steel Rods

    Steel rods offer a selection of silver steel, stainless steel and mild steel material. The round steel bars are of high-quality material with approved accreditations of British and European standards. The durable solid steel round bars can be heat treated, welded, or machined and are used indoors and outdoors.

    Stainless steel rods are extremely versatile often used in chemical engineering, food production and heavy duty construction and industrial applications. This is due to it being highly resistant to heat and corrosion.

    Mild steel rod is ideal in case hardening and welding. Mild steel rods suit assemblies in commercial, DIY, construction and industrial fields.

    Silver steel rod like the other steel rods comes supplied either individually or in lots. They have metric and imperial diameters with a range of different lengths.

    Widely used in engineering the rods can be constructed into coupling, gauges, shafts, punches, dowels, mandrels and spindles.

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