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    Rittal Enclosure Accessories

    When installing a Rittal enclosure, there are a number of different accessory parts you will need. These accessories from Rittal all compliment and work with the Rittal enclosures that house all the electrical equipment and other instruments.

    Rittal enclosures are used in a wide variety of industrial settings and offer protection against dirt, dust and other substances that could easily damage the contents of the enclosure.

    What are Rittal Accessories used for?

    Rittal accessories are very versatile parts that all perform the job of keeping the enclosure together and aid the mounting of the equipment within the enclosure itself. The parts can be interlinked and offer the user a complete solution to meeting individual requirements. These accessories include cover plates, locking systems, support rails, protectors, handles, cables ducts, brackets, rail adapters to name a few, but the list is extensive.

    Rittal Enclosure Accessories Benefits

    • Vast range of accessories to compliment all enclosure systems
    • Simple to assemble parts
    • Versatile and reliable components

    Rittal offer a wide choice and selection of enclosure accessories all designed to work within their enclosures. Once you have selected your enclosure, you can then choose from a vast range of accessories in the correct size to complete and improve your project.

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