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    Trace Heating Accessories

    Trace heating accessories are all the components and additional parts that go with trace heating cables. Trace heating cables are used inside of pipes to keep them heated. 

    What are trace heating cables used for?

    Trace heating cables contain a heating element inside of them, and are surrounded by an insulating material. The pipe also has thermal insulation. This allows the cable to heat up the pipe while ensuring that minimal heat is lost. 

    This helps to ensure pipes do not freeze over in winter and can also be useful in heating water and providing underfloor heating as part of a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Other applications include soil warming and in demisting windows.

    Types of trace heating accessories

    Common categories of trace heating accessories include:

    • thermostats, to measure the temperature
    • mounting accessories, to secure the cable
    • connection accessories, to assist with the proper wiring of the cable, for example junction boxes and end sealing kits.
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