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    Pluggable I/O Connector Accessories

    Pluggable I/O Connector accessories are compact pluggable transceivers constructed from robust metal frames. They are designed to be bezel mounted to an input/output panel onto the host PCB. SFP stands for small form-factor pluggable and XFP stands for 10 Gigabit small form factor pluggable. They differ in the rate at which they can transmit data and the distance over which they can do so. XFP cages can transmit data at a faster rate, meaning that XFP and SFP cages cannot be used in the same network.

    What are Pluggable I/O Connector accessories used for?

    XFP and SFP cages have many different applications in networking and telecommunications, such as data storage, server equipment and telecommunication networks. The XFP cage integratesEMI shieldingfor the front, intermediate rear, upper rear and lower rear of the cage. They are suitable for use with different board thicknesses and a variety of assembly processes.

    What are the different types of XFP and SFP cages?

    XFP cages are available with different transmitter or receiver specifications. This enables you to choose the right transceiver for a required optical reach, for example multi-mode fibre.

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