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    Hirschmann BOBCAT Network Hubs

    Support efficient communication between your network devices with the BOBCAT range of Network Hubs from Belden Hirschmann. These Ethernet switches are ideally suited for use in classic automation applications.

    The BOBCAT switches are managed, so you'll have greater control over how data is routed through your network alongside increased security. They can be DIN rail mounted for quick and simple installation without tools. Additionally, their compact dimensions ensure that these ethernet switches take up minimal space in your set up.

    The BOBCAT units come with LED indicators for easy monitoring and troubleshooting. They are the first of their kind to use TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) for real-time communication, making them ideal for industrial settings which require a dependable Ethernet set up. They also support HiOS software and provide enhanced security features such as configurable password policies and automatic Denial of Service (DoS) prevention. These versatile units come with various configuration options and you can choose from hubs with up to 24 ports to suit your needs.

    Hirschmann, a Belden brand, are a technology and market leader in industrial networking solutions. Their hubs are designed to handle the complex needs of modern industrial networking systems, making them a reliable choice for your application.

    Even under the most challenging conditions, the BOBCAT range provides maximised performance and security.

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