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    Hirschmann Network Hubs

    Need a reliable and efficient way to connect Ethernet devices together? Hirschmann have a comprehensive selection of network hubs and Ethernet switches to choose from.

    What are Network Hubs?

    A network hub is a device which acts as a basic gateway to connect multiple Ethernet devices together, via ports on the device, so that they can function as a single network. This allows the Ethernet devices to interact and transfer data easily and securely. An Ethernet switch is similar to a hub but can provide better performance as they can devote more bandwidth to particular ports rather than sharing it equally. Hubs are therefore better suited to smaller networks while Ethernet switches are ideal for busier networks.

    Hirschmann's offer at RS Components includes the unmanaged SPIDER fast/gigabit switches and OCTOPUS IP65/67 switches, and the managed BOBCAT, RS30, and GECKO switches. Many Hirschmann switches include features and advantages such as: store and forward-switching mode, a range of ports, fast transmission speeds, DIN rail mounting, compact housings, plug-and-play capabilities, LED indicators, and durability in industrial installations.

    Hirschmann's data communication solutions are designed to provide secure, real-time data exchange between machines and systems even in the challenging industrial environments of the modern world. A key Belden brand, they have an excellent portfolio of networking and connectivity products to help you achieve unified, high-performance, dependable data transfer for any installation.

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