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    10m Coaxial Cable

    A 10m coaxial cable is a type of coaxial cable that is 10 meters (approximately 32.8 feet) in length. Coaxial cables are commonly used for various applications, including television (TV) signals, internet connections, and other data transmission needs.

    The "10m" in the term indicates the cable's length, which is useful for connecting devices or extending the reach of a connection. When choosing a coaxial cable, it's important to consider factors such as cable impedance, shielding, and signal loss characteristics to ensure that it meets the requirements of your specific application.

    Coaxial cables come in various lengths, and choosing the right length depends on the distance between the devices you're connecting and the available cable routing. A 10m coaxial cable is suitable for relatively short-distance connections where you need a cable that's 10 meters in length.


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