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    White Coaxial Cable

    White coaxial cables are coaxial cables that are coloured white. Coaxial cables are commonly used for various applications, including cable television (TV), internet, and other data transmission. The colour of the coaxial cable does not significantly impact its functionality or performance.

    White coaxial cables are often used in residential and commercial settings for aesthetic reasons. They can blend in with white walls, ceilings, or other surroundings more seamlessly than cables of other colours, making them less visually obtrusive.

    The most important aspect of a coaxial cable is its specifications and quality, which include factors like cable impedance (typically 75 ohms for video and TV signals), shielding, and signal loss characteristics. These specifications are more relevant to the cable's performance and suitability for specific applications. The choice of coaxial cable should be based on the requirements of the devices and signals it will carry, such as cable TV, satellite TV, or internet connections.

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