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    Belden Coaxial Cable

    If you're looking for coaxial cables that can handle a diverse range of audio, video, or data transmission needs with minimal signal loss and interference, choose from our range of coaxial cables by Belden.

    What is Coaxial Cable and how does it work?

    A coaxial cable (also known as coax cable) is a type of electrical cable. It is made up of a central conductor (usually copper wire) which is surrounded by a dielectric plastic insulator. This is then encased in a braided mesh to shield the cable from EMI (electromagnetic interference). This construction is finally enclosed in an insulated external layer, such as a PVC jacket.

    It works by carrying the signal or electrical current along the central conductor. Its insulating layer and metallic shield ensures reliable protection against loss of signal and interference, while the outer layer provides an additional protective barrier against environmental conditions.

    What are Coaxial Cables used for?

    Coaxial cables are typically used for transmitting data, video and audio communications, and networking. You'll find these cables commonly used in TV and radio broadcasting, surveillance systems, and internet/data communication for homes and businesses. They are relied upon due to their high bandwidth capabilities, ability to transmit signals over long distances, and their resistance to EMI.

    Belden has a broad portfolio of coaxial cables you can choose from here at RS, including 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm impedance cables. Their 50 Ohm models are perfect for carrying power and voltage signals over long distances, maintaining signal strength and integrity. They suit point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless antenna communications, like wireless mics and two-way radios.

    The 75 Ohm cables are designed to ensure world-class broadcast quality and signal integrity for high resolution applications. They are highly efficient at signal transmission, minimising signal loss, and can handle frequencies from 12 GHz to 3 GHz. They also feature specially formulated high-density foam polyethylene which improves resistance to crushing.

    The Belden 1694A cable, which is RG6, low loss, and ideal for digital video applications, is a popular choice. Belden's RG59 coaxial broadcast video cables are great for low-bandwidth, low-frequency installations. They feature a solid 20 AWG bare copper conductor and Duofoil shielding with a tinned copper braid.

    Belden is a global leading industry expert in networking, connectivity and cabling products, and they aim to support and enable an increasingly connected future. Their high-quality signal transmission solutions are designed to offer the superior reliability you deserve.

    With Belden, you can be sure to find high performance coaxial cables to suit any application.

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