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    WAGO Power Cords

    Whether it's for everyday appliances like toasters and kettles, or for larger industrial machinery and generators, these WAGO power cables ensure high-capacity electrical performance regardless of the distance they need to span.

    The applications for power cable assemblies are varied. Whether drawing power from the mains to supply a power source or directly to an appliance/machine, these cables ensure reliable electrical transmission. Given the diverse range of voltages available, different types of cable assemblies are available to meet varying requirements effectively.

    RS currently offer two variations of WAGO Power cables, one being a Wago Straight WINSTA Socket to Straight WINSTA Plug Power Cord. The "straight" aspect indicates that it's a standard, straight-through cable with connectors on both ends, suitable for direct connections. The other being the WAGO WINSTA Socket to Unterminated Power Cord for connecting leads comprising a female connector at one end and pre-stripped wires at the other.

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