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    StarTech.com USB 3.0 Cables

    StarTech.com USB 3.0 Cables are compatibility ensured so that your technical performance requirements are met. StarTech.com work with RS Components to deliver USB-IF certified and top-quality USB 3.0 Cables for all your technical application requirements.

    What does a USB 3.0 Cable do?

    In comparison to the standard USB cables, a USB 3.0 Cable provides a high-quality and long-lasting connection to your devices. The user data transfer rate is up to 5 Gigabit (Gbit/s). The StarTech.com USB 3.0 Cables are USB-IF certified so that you can have a reliable and swift transfer performance.

    There are different types of USB 3.0 Cables, which hold different purposes. Some of the purposes included within the StarTech.com range include:

    • Extend your USB 3.0 Super Speed cable by up to a meter
    • Connect Micro-USB 3.0 devices (portable hard drive, docking station, card reader, video capture device, thumb drive and hard drive enclosure, etc.) to a USB 3.0 compatible PC or laptop
    • Charge and sync your USB 3.0 Micro B-equipped mobile digital devices
    • Connect USB 3.0 devices to Thunderbolt 3 computers, or to your USB-C computer or tablet
    Alongside numerous other functions, StarTech.com USB 3.0 Cables ultimately ensure a rapid, yet efficient, transfer power.

    What are the different types of USB 3.0 Cables?

    Different types of USB 3.0 Cables have different connector types. StartTech.com have over 40 USB 3.0 Cables, with a multitude of different Connector 1 and Connector 2 types, enabling you to find your specific data transfer solution right at your fingertips. The Connector 1 types include USB A, USB A x2, USB C, and 20 Pin Socket. The Connector 2 types also include Micro USB B, USB A, USB A x2, USB B, USB C, as well as 20 Pin IDC.
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