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    USB A to USB A Cable

    USB A to USB A cables are not commonly used or recommended for general device connections, however, there are a few specific scenarios where a USB A to USB A cable may be used:

    • Data Transfer between USB Docking Stations: Some USB docking stations or replicators have USB Type-A ports on both ends. In such cases, a USB A to USB A cable might be used to connect the docking stations for data transfer between them.
    • Connecting USB Hubs: If you have two USB hubs with USB Type-A ports, you can use a USB A to USB A cable to connect them. This allows you to expand the number of available USB ports and connect multiple peripheral devices.
    • Specialised Applications: In rare cases, specific devices or equipment might require a USB A to USB A cable for unique purposes, typically in specialized industrial or scientific applications. These can include custom hardware setups or proprietary systems.

     RS stocks a range of USB A to USB A cables from leading suppliers such as StarTech.com, Molex, Newlink, Roline and RS PRO.


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