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    LAPP Cable Gland Plugs

    Cable gland plugs are installed to protect glands from moisture, dust and gas, as well as damage from impact. A cable gland plug from LAPP acts as a mechanical sealant, that covers cable gland openings and prevents any ingress from particles, that could otherwise filter into the gland holes. LAPP cable gland plugs are suitable to seal off cable glands both temporarily and permanently.

    What types of cable glands are included in LAPP's range?

    LAPP's range comprises of cable glands with varying shapes, sizes and materials, including polyamide and metal. The range also includes both threaded and unthreaded cable gland plugs, which can be selected depending on your specific requirements. Any choice from LAPP's range is guaranteed to deliver you a reliable, high-quality cable gland plug that will satisfy your requirements, whilst ensuring ingress protection of un-used holes in machinery.

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