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    LAPP M16 Blanking Plugs

    LAPP's M16 cable gland blanking plugs work to effectively seal off any electrical connection points that are not in use, preventing any unwanted particles from entering pieces of machinery. LAPP's M16 blanking plugs are a popular choice from their extensive range of high quality, versatile blanking plugs and are to be used on M16 threaded holes.

    Why choose an M16 blanking plug from LAPP?

    LAPP's comprehensive range of M16 blanking plugs includes plugs constructed from a variety of different materials that can be selected depending on your requirements and intended use. The range includes blanking plugs constructed from fibreglass, nickel plated brass, polyamide and more. Different ingress protection ratings can also be selected depending on the required protection levels for your application. The range includes blanking plugs that meet ingress protection ratings such as IP54 and IP68. Using a LAPP M16 blanking plug to effectively close over pre-drilled threaded bore holes, can help protection machinery components and wiring in many applications, such as control cabinet manufacturing, junction boxes and distribution boxes.

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