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    LAPP M25 Blanking Plugs

    A cable gland blanking plug works by sealing off unused electrical connection points, in order to prevent any unwanted particles entering machinery. LAPP M25 blanking plugs are one of the most popular in their cable gland plugs range and are suitable for use on M25 threaded holes. When an enclosure has open holes in a hazardous environment, these holes need to be covered with a blanking plug to ensure reliable explosion protection. Using a cable gland blanking plug increases the safety and reliability of equipment due to it stopping the ingress of moisture, dust, and gas.

    Why choose an M25 blanking plug from LAPP's range?

    A blanking plug from LAPP's range is guaranteed to provide ingress protection for un-used pre threaded holes, ensuring that the safety and integrity of your equipment is never compromised.

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