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    4K HDMI Cables

    4K HDMI cables are the perfect solution for transmitting high definition audio and video signals between your device and television. 4K HDMI cables are used with a wide range of modern day devices such as games consoles, televisions, computers and laptops. With online streaming and gaming becoming ever more popular, the use of 4K HDMI cables are vital in ensuring you get the most efficient data transfer speeds, colour palettes and 4K experience.

    What bandwidth is achievable with 4K HDMI cables?

    4K HDMI cables can transfer data with a bandwidth of at least 10.2 Gbps (gigabytes per second). Recent introductions within HDMI allow the cables to transfer data at a rate of 18Gbps and the ability to transfer video signals at 60fps (frames per second). For high-end games consoles that allow a frame rate of 60 fps, there are also a selection of 4K HDMI cables that are compatible.

    Do you need a specific 4k HDMI cable for 4k viewing?

    If you have a HD television and wish to stream movies, programmes or game online, a standard HDMI will be suitable for achieving 4K quality. Although there are a wide range of HDMI cables available, most standard HDMI cables are compatible with 4K viewing. The exception being high-end games consoles and devices that transfer data at 60 fps.

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