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    HDMI 2.0 Cables

    HDMI 2.0 cables are the perfect solution for 4K HDTV streaming and gaming, providing an all in one audio, video and ethernet connection solution. With the ability to view your favourite programmes, movies and games in 4K at 60fps, HDMI 2.0 cables provide a superior HD experience. HDMI 2.0 cables also support HDR (High Dynamic Range) for expanded contrast ratio and colour accuracy.

    Are HDMI 2.0 cables backwards compatible?

    HDMI 2.0 cables are backwards compatible, allowing them to be used with devices that feature previous HDMI versions. As a result, HDMI 2.0 cables are a versatile HDMI cable choice.

    What is the data transfer rate of HDMI 2.0 cables?

    HDMI 2.0 cables are capable of transferring data at a stunning 18 Gbps, ensuring smooth streaming and online gaming.

    What aspect ratio do HDMI 2.0 cables support?

    HDMI 2.0 cables support aspect ratios up to 21:9, providing an incredible viewing experience for all.

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