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    Micro HDMI Cables

    Micro HDMI cables are a type of HDMI compatible cable that feature a type D connector, allowing them to connect compatible devices together. Unlike standard HDMI cables, micro HDMI cables can plug straight into smaller portable devices. These types of HDMI cables allow for video, audio and data signals to be carried between devices effortlessly via a single cable.

    What are Micro HDMI cables used with?

    Micro HDMI cables are designed to be used with smaller portable devices and gadgets that feature a type D or micro connector. Devices that commonly feature this type of connector include:

    • Smartphones
    • Tablet
    • Cameras
    • Sat nav systems

    Can Micro HDMI devices connect with standard HDMI devices?

    It is possible to connect your Micro HDMI compatible portable devices with your larger HDMI compatible devices. Simply use a HDMI compatible cable that features a Micro HDMI connector on one end and a standard HDMI connector at the other.

    Do Micro HDMI Cables Include Ethernet?

    Micro HDMI are capable of carrying audio, video and ethernet signals, making them an ideal all in one HDMI cable.

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