Portable Device Chargers

Portable device chargers are used to put energy into a battery, for use on the move. Portable device chargers are often designed to be used with multiple different devices, which is achieved by using a common connection such as a USB or micro USB port.

What are portable device chargers used for?

Portable device chargers are used to keep devices at full battery charge. They are particularly useful when you need to replenish the charge on a device when you are away from a mains plug.

Types of portable device chargers

Portable device chargers differ principally in the method of charging. The category includes car chargers and certain types of battery pack chargers that don't require a wall connection. They may vary in their type of output connector, whether USB, micro USB or different types of DC connector, and whether they are designed to be used as a stand-alone device or in car. Some portable device chargers offer more than one slot, to allow for the charging of multiple devices at once.

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