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    Power Banks

    With so many devices that fit in our pockets these days, it is likely you have found yourself running low on battery or charge while out and about. Even if you're in one place, whether that's at home, the office, or somewhere else, it can sometimes be difficult to get to a power source to plug in your charger. Power banks, also known as portable chargers, ensure you have a suitable back up power supply should you start to get low on battery. All you need is to make sure you've got the right model of USB cable to hand and you no longer have to worry about getting to a power point on the wall - simply plug your device into the power bank to recharge !

    Who uses power banks ?

    Power banks are an essential piece of kit for anyone who finds themselves needing to charge their devices on the go to keep themselves equipped and connected, including:CommutersProfessionalsAnyone attending long conventions or eventsStudents who use their portable devices to take notes or record their lessons for later use

    Why should I buy one?

    Power banks are portable and dependable. Our RS Range comes in variants that can support multiple devices at one time through multiple USB ports, and have a range of charging capacities to suit your needs. There are also solar charged power banks available, perfect for prolonged periods in outdoor locations.

    What Does mAh Mean?

    mAh means milliamp-hour. It is the unit of measurement used for electric power, specifically for batteries. The higher mAh the more power and battery life. For rechargeable batteries found in power banks, the mAh shows how much charge the battery can hold, and how long it can power another electronic before needing to be charged.

    Can you charge an iPhone with any power bank?

    Providing you have the right USB cable; all power banks can charge an iPhone. All iPhones from 5 to the 11 pro max use the same charger connector, the lightning. Cable. To charge an iPhone using a power bank you would therefor need a USB to lightning cable (models 5 to 11 pro) for iPhone 12 and 13 onwards you would need a USB-C-to-Lightning cable

    Which one should I buy?

    This will depend on what you're going to need your portable charger for and the duration during which you think you will need to use it - there's no point taking a portable charger on a whole day out if it can't hold enough charge! Think about how many devices you may want to charge throughout the day (or at the same time) and make sure your power bank has the capacity to supply this amount of power in one charge. If you think you'll be charging multiple devices at the same time, look for a power bank or portable charger with multiple USB ports.We have power banks from leading brands including Ansmann, Led Lenser, Powertraveller, RS PRO, and Varta.

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