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    pt100, also known as, RTD Sensors, are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. pt100 are some of the most common, effective RTD Sensors used in industry today and are a popular choice as they last longer, function better, and are incredibly accurate.

    RS Components offer an extensive selection of high-quality pt100 from industry-leading brands including Chauvin Arnoux, Correge, Fluke, Honeywell, ifm electronic, Jumo, and of course, RS PRO.

    How does a pt100 work?

    pt100 is used to sense varying temperature ranges and levels of resistance in industrial and commercial applications. The metal component or RTD resistor is situated in proximity to where the temperature measurement needs to occur.

    As the electrical current passes through the metal, the resistance element measures the electrical current being passed through it. When the temperature of the metal increases, the RTD increases the electrical resistance, which is measured in Ohms.

    The resistance value can be converted into temperature and the resistance ratio can vary based on the element used for the resistor. The flow of electricity is then decreased, subsequently reducing the temperature.

    Applications for pt100 include:

    • Automotive Industry
    • Power Electronics
    • Medical Electronics
    • Food Processing
    • Industrial Electronics
    • Military

    They possess some key features including

    • Extremely long life
    • High efficiency
    • Low power requirements
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Safe and convenient

    Browse the broad range of pt100 RS Components have to offer and order today for next day delivery

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