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    Honeywell RTD Sensors

    Our range of Honeywell RTD sensors provides optimal temperature change detection functionality, perfect for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Honeywell RTD sensors offer long-term stability across wide temperature ranges, assuring reliability with capable fibreglass lead wires and ceramic case material. Honeywell PT100 RTD sensors are IEC 60751 compliant and offer laboratory-grade performance.

    How do they work?

    RTDs—or Resistance Temperature Detectors—detect changes in electrical resistance present within a metallic resistive element. Resistance within the element increases as the temperature around the probe increases, allowing the sensor to detect temperature change using a resistance ratio that converts the resistance change into a measurement of temperature.

    Which configurations exist?

    Various configurations of RTDs exist, with differing resistance metals including copper, nickel, nickel-iron, and platinum. Our range of Honeywell RTD sensors use a thin film of platinum for high-accuracy sensing. Wire material and probe width and length are also configurable within our selection of sensors.

    Why are they useful?

    RTDs are useful temperature sensors for automated temperature control in industrial settings, they provide a fast response time and can allow systems to quickly respond to changes within a specified temperature range. They have typical applications in HVAC, instrumental assemblies, and process control.

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