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    pt100 Temperature Transmitter

    A pt100 temperature transmitter is an instrument used to convert the resistance signal from a PT100 sensor (a type of resistance temperature detector or RTD) into a standardized analog or digital output signal, typically for monitoring and control purposes.

    How do pt100 Temperature Transmitters work?

    It works by first measuring the resistance of the PT100 sensor, which varies with temperature according to a known and precise relationship. The transmitter then converts this resistance value into a corresponding output signal, such as a 4-20 mA current signal or a digital signal like Modbus or HART protocol. This standardized output can be easily transmitted over long distances to a control system or a data acquisition device.

    PT100 temperature transmitters are crucial for accurate temperature monitoring in industrial processes, as they provide a reliable and standardized means of conveying temperature information, ensuring precise control and data recording.

    Browse our extensive range of pt100 temperature transmitters and find the one best for your application, from the Automotive industry to food processing – we're sure to have what you are looking for.

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