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    OMRON PLC Software

    Set up and manage your PLCs quickly and easily with OMRON PLC programming software.

    Here at RS we have a selection of OMRON PLC software and licenses to support series like CX, NS, CPE1, CP1L, ZENV2, and SYSMAC.

    OMRON software enables you to start-up your logic device and configure settings effectively and efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort. With one software you can build, configure, and program your networks, PLCs, HMIs, drives, motion control systems, and sensors.

    What are PLCs and how do they work?

    The term PLC refers to Programmable Logic Controllers, which are a type of specialised computer designed for use in industrial automation. As the name suggests, they use programmed logic to manage and monitor the processes of your system and equipment. With a PLC you can control and automate these processes easily and effectively.

    You'll find them used widely in factories and automation applications in areas such as robotics, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, and mining.

    OMRON Programmable Logic Controllers include a variety of advanced features such as:

    • Built-in interrupts
    • High precision positioning control
    • Compact design with modular capabilities
    • High-speed counters
    • Plug and play access via USB
    • High steps program capacity and I/O points
    • Structural text language support

    In addition, many devices are compatible with others in the OMRON PLC line-up for flexibility and ease-of-use.

    As a leading industry expert for high-tech industrial automation solutions, OMRON's product range is designed improve manufacturing flow and help your systems achieve optimal performance. OMRON solves manufacturing issues across the globe through innovative products, backed by over 100 years of knowledge.

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