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    Phoenix Contact PLC Accessories|RS

    Established in 1985 and with over 20,000 employees worldwide, Phoenix Contact strives themselves to be the Global market leader and innovator for electrification, networking, and automation on the path to a smart world.

    Phoenix Contacts products are used wherever a process is automated, wherever data flows and where power is controlled.

    PLC accessories are connected to a logic controller to ensure optimum performance, the type of accessory you need will depend on the type of controller you are using.

    Logic Controllers sends and receives electronic signals in an electrical system- As there are so many different types of systems we have a wide range of Phoenix Contact accessories available varying from adapters, cables, batteries, and connectors.

    The accessories come in different shapes and sizes and with different types of inputs and outputs to match the Logic Controller that you are using. For reasons such as a power outage it is advised that battery backup is used to prevent data being lost.

    As well as cables and adapters there are also many other types of accessories that can be purchased such as Power Supplies which are used to protect the memory or select programming modes. There are also racks and enclosures which come in different shapes and sizes and ensure all components inside a logic controller are held together.

    Please explore our wide range of different accessories!

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