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    Mitsubishi Inverter Drives

    Mitsubishi Inverter Drives

    Mitsubishi is a global supplier of Inverter drives and offers a wide choice of inverters for various applications. High-performance and environmentally friendly inverter compliant with global standards.

    What are the Mitsubishi Inverter Drive Ranges?

    FRA-A Series – offers high quality and high performance is compliant with applicable safety standards.

    FR-CS Series – This inverter drive offers Various Functions in a Small Body Compact and Smart Inverter.

    FR-D Series – Improved reliability and easy maintenance, Spring clamp terminals provide high reliability and easy wiring. The inverter with the safety stop function can comply with the safety standards without incurring too many expenses.

    FR-E Series - FR-E800 inverters have various functions to attract more customers by offering safe and reliable operation for a long time.

    FR-F Series - Enhanced next-generation energy-saving inverter. Equipped various functions which are ideal for fans and pumps.

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