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    Allen Bradley Inverter Drive

    The Allen Bradley inverter drive family offers a fantastic range of control modes and features, with power ratings to suit a range of applications. Often called adjustable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives or variable frequency drives, inverter drives allow AC power to be converted to DC, which provides the user with precise control. Allen Bradley inverter drives are also ideal for helping to reduce waste or loss of electrical energy.

    Inverter drives are controlled by inputting specific frequencies or parameters into the device. This allows for greater control over your machinery and operations with more precision. Inverter drives are situated between an electrical supply and a motor, with the inverter allowing the power to be regulated to suit the application.

    Allen Bradley inverter drives are used in a wide range of industrial applications, and are perfect for when precise control of speed and torque in motors is required. Powerflex kinds of drives are often used in small appliances such as fans and pumps, and also in high torque machine control.

    Allen Bradley combine with RS Components customer first attitude to get you the parts you need in the timeframe you need them. For a service you can trust.

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