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    WERMA Electronic Sounders

    Experience flawless signalling with the range of Sounder Alarms by Werma, a leading company worldwide for audible signalling devices and technology. Werma Electronic Sounders are expertly designed to give reliable warning, guidance and protection for people everywhere.

    What are Electronic Sounders?

    Electronic Sounders are safety measure devices which provide clear audible signals in an emergency, such as a fire. They are connected to an alarm circuit and are usually mounted on walls. They can feature different tone types such as alternating, continuous, intermittent, and sweeping to cater to different requirements, for example indicating the commencement of an evacuation process or warning about a critical situation. They are often utilised in commercial and industrial environments as part of a safety system and help to uphold high health and safety standards.

    Why choose Werma Sounders?

    With a wide range of Buzzers, Horns and Electronic Sounders to pick from, you can be sure to find the perfect Werma alarm to suit your signalling applications.

    Their offer includes a variety of sound level outputs (dB) and alarm tones such as continuous, pulse, and multi-tone. Their line features dependable series like the EvoSIGNAL Mini and Midi series, which are ideal for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, have simple and secure push fit connection terminals, and are fully compatible to enable easy replacement. The Werma Ex Horns and Sirens are designed specifically for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and feature a light, compact design and diverse signalling options. The Werma Installation Buzzers and Sounders offer easy installation in control panels and are highly tamper-proof.

    With their range of products featuring the latest intelligent signal technology, Werma are here to help you reach the highest levels of safety.

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