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    Hazard Anti Slip Tapes

    Hazard anti slip tape is a self-adhesive, high visibility tape used to mark hazards in working environments where the chance of slipping may occur. This tape is available in various colours and combinations and features a non-peel finish making it easy to apply and easy to remove leaving no residue. Hazard anti slip tape is commonly used in workplaces where slip hazards are present which includes construction sites, warehouses, and factories. It is also used after an accident has occurred to highlight the area of interest and warn possible victims of further danger.

    Hazard anti slip tape is most used by construction companies, plumbing and electrical companies and warehouse store employees. How the hazard tape is used depends on the users need. Usually, a roll of anti-slip tape is placed in an area where a loose or slippery surface exists and can cause an accident or injury. The rolls of Hazard Anti-Slip Tape we sell come with a strong adhesive as well, so once it is applied your safety problem should be solved, but keep in mind that these tapes do not stick to everything. You will want to double check your surroundings before choosing which hazard tape you are going to purchase.

    Where to use hazard anti slip tape?

    This durable anti slip tape can be applied to clean and dry surfaces, its water-based adhesive will not damage the floor surface when removed. These anti slip safety tapes are ideal for use on steps, ramps, stairs, and around heavy machinery to warn people of impending danger.

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