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    Ratchet Straps

    A ratchet strap offers a reliable method to strap down goods and prevent movement during transportation and as such, it is essential in the field of material transport and load bearing

    Ratchet straps feature a polyester strap, claw hook and a handled ratchet to tighten. Used in a variety of applications but primarily used on flatbed trucks, vans, and HGVs. They are available in various strap lengths from 4m to 9m and with breaking strains from 600Kg to 5 tonnes.

    What is a ratchet strap?

    A ratchet strap is a tie-down strap that is designed to contain and tie goods or equipment. Using a ratchet, they are tightened and strapped down to create a secure and reliable fastening on the target. Ratchet straps are commonly used as tie-down fittings within the following applications:

    • Pallets carrying heavy-duty goods
    • Trailers and trucks carrying Equipment
    • Steel beams or RSJs
    • Large amounts of wooden logs
    • Crates of equipment or goods ready for travel
    • Containers and boxes
    • Tents and Gazebos in bad weather

    How do ratchet straps work?

    These strappings are load bearing fasteners, meaning they are able to hold down heavy goods on the backs of trailers or on pallets. A ratchet is then used to tighten down the webbing or strap. These particular straps use a claw hook, meaning a claw shape hook wraps around the end buckle to grasp a strong connection.

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