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    Weller is one of the most widely recognised brands of soldering products for use in the design, manufacture and repair of electronics. Their adv...

    Welcome to the world of WXsmart!

    The all-in-one WXsmart hand soldering platform offers maximum traceability and connectivity. As the most connected, controlled and secured hand soldering solution in the world, WXsmart is connectingthe future of soldering!

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    Estación de soldadura WXsmart

    Wxsmart Soldering Station

    • All-in-one station acts as the brain of the workbench by consolidating all soldering applications into one station
    • Platform supports Smart Soldering 4.0 with intelligent tips and tools saving cost, time and space
    • The first hand soldering station with cyber security to prevent costly downtimes
    • Total Process Control (TPC) to manage your complete soldering process from tip to station
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    WTMT Tweezers, Soldering

    WTMT Tweezers

    • Maximum precision during the soldering process with short tip-to-grip distance and optimized tip design.
    • Precise positioning ensured with unique parallel sliding block guide.
    • Extremely short heat-up time: 5 sec.
    • Unique 2-in-1 Desoldering Tweezers, 80W, 12V Supports Pico & Micro Tweezers Tips for usage under the microscope.

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    The future of soldering is here

    Weller's new soldering tweezers are compact, offering traceability with just 3 seconds heat up times with self-calibration.

    Intelligent Soldering Tips

    New smart tips offer multiple new features thanks to the integrated chip in every tip:

    • 3 sec with excellent heat transfer and recovery time
    • Automatic tip identification
    • Tip lock functionality for full process control
    • Unique individual serial number for full traceability
    • Tip off-set function
    • Integrated data storage allowing full traceability for calibration history
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    Estaciones de soldadura WT Weller

    WT soldering stations

    High performance welder and ergonomic design. Ideal for welding small and medium-sized components with high energy demand. Easy and intuitive use: connect and solder.

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