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    520 Park East Boulevard P.O Box 1147, New Albany, Indiana, 47151, United States of America

    About Samtec

    Founded in 1976, Samtec is much more than just another connector company. We put people first, along with a commitment to exceptional service, quality products and innovative technologies that take the industry further faster. This is enabled by our unique, fully integrated business model, which allows for true collaboration and innovation without the limits of traditional business models.

    Samtec is a privately held global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including High-Speed Board-to-Board, High-Speed Cables, Mid-Board and Panel Optics, Precision RF, Flexible Stacking, and Micro/Rugged components and cables perfect for any application. With 40+ international locations and products sold in more than 125 different countries, Samtec’s global presence enables its unmatched customer service. Learn more at

    Searay® Open-Pin-Field Arrays

    Searay™ High-Density Open-Pin-Field Arrays

    • 0.80 mm (.0315”) and 1.27 mm (.050”) pitch arrays use Samtec’s Edge Rate® contact system designed for high-speed, high-cycle applications with performance up to 56 Gbps PAM4
    • Available in vertical, right-angle, and press-fit orientations with stack heights from 7 - 40 mm, and up to 720 I/Os, SEARAY™ maximizes routing and grounding flexibility.
    • Supports high-speed protocols such as Ethernet, PCI Express®, Fibre Channel & InfiniBand and is VITA 47, VITA 57.1, VITA 57.4, VITA 74, VITA 88 and Pismo 2 certified.
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    mPower® Ultra Micro Power Connectors

    • Micro 2.00 mm pitch with up to 18 Amp per power blade
    • Choice of 2 to 10 positions and 5 – 16 mm, 18 mm and 20 mm stack heights
    • Designed for power only or staging a combo power and signal/ground solution
    • Severe Environment Tested qualified product for use in harsh environments
    • Single or double ended discrete wire cable assembly also available (UMPC)
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    Tiger Eye® SFSD

    Tiger Eye® SFSD

    Using discrete SFSD components and cable assemblies the Tiger Eye® contact system is therefore suited for robust, high-cycle applications

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    Edge Rate® Rugged, High-Speed Connectors

    Edge Rate®

    0.80 mm pitch ERx8 strips feature Samtec’s Edge Rate® contact system designed for high speeds up to 56 Gbps PAM4, as well as high-cycle applications.

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    Generate® Highspeed-Edgecard

    Generate® Edgecard

    HSEC8 is a high-speed edge card system that use Samtec’s Edge Rate® contact system that is designed for high-speed, high-cycle applications.

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    FTSH Socket Strips

    FTSH Socket Strips

    Rated up to 8 Gbps performance, FTSH is a high-reliability header with various post heights and CLP is a low-profile dual-wipe socket.

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    Pitch Tiger Eye™ Discrete Wire System

    Tiger Eye®

    SFSD discrete wire cable assemblies and components utilize the Tiger Eye™ contact system, making them ideal for use in rugged and high-cycle applications.

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    DesignSpark | The Online Platform With Design Support

    Industrial Solutions

    Connectors for the Smart Factory

    The new industrial revolution is changing how products are manufactured. From integrated logistics to maintenance planning, these new developments will alter our understanding of how a factory looks.

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    High-Speed Solutions

    The Challenges of High-Speed

    As semiconductor manufacturers create chipsets that can perform at speeds in excess of 100 Gbps, connector manufacturers must develop solutions that can carry this data without jeopardizing signal integrity.

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    Severe Environmental Testing Program

    Going Beyond the Standards

    Samtec recognises that customers need to understand the performance of connectors destined for use in harsh environments. To provide this assurance, Samtec has introduced the Severe Environment Testing (SET) Program.

    Severe Environmental Testing