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    World Leader in Resistor Solutions

    Headquartered in Japan, KOA Corporation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of passive components such as special thick and thin film resistors, high voltage divider and precision resistor arrays, current sensing shunts as well as multilayer ceramic LTCC substrates. KOA Europe GmbH, based near Hamburg/Germany, serves a broad range of the European markets, including automotive, industrial, medical, alternative energy and various other market segments. The majority of the KOA parts are AEC-Q200 tested. KOA Corporation is certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

    RS73 - Series High Precision & High Reliability Metal-Glaze Thick Film Resistors. KOA’s new high precision resistors are using thick film technology and feature an excellent long term stability.

    The RS73-series is ideal for precision designs such as high-accuracy sensing or voltage detection circuits.

    • ±0.1%, ±0.25%, ±0.5%, ±1% tolerances available
    • T.C.R.: ±25ppm/K or ±50ppm/K
    • High reliability with ΔR of ±0.2 % ~ Long term stability (+85°C / 1,000h)
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    SG73P - Series Endured Pulse Power Flat Chip Resistors

    SG73P, Space Saving Power Pulse Tolerant Metal-Glaze Thick Film Resistors

    KOA's SG73P-series has approx. 7 times pulse handling capability compared to standard flat chip resistors. Due to the special resistance trimming it also allows a higher continuous power rating. This means that existing designs can be ‘powered up’: An SG73P device can be dropped onto the pads of a similar sized conventional part, thus increasing the power capability without changing the PCB layout. Equally in a new design a smaller SG73 device can be used saving valuable PCB space.

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    WK73R - Series Wide Terminal Type Flat Chip Resistors

    WK73R, Space Saving Wide Temination Metal-Glaze Thick Film Resistors

    KOA’s wide terminal resistors offer several advantages compared to standard footprints. For example, the 0612 chip size allows 6 x power rating compared to standard 1206 parts. This saves board space and is possible due to the improved heat dissipation via the solder joints. The larger terminals also enhance terminal strength and the smaller distance between the terminals reduces expansion stress. Finally, the inner resistive pattern is designed to minimise hotspots.

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    HV73 & HV73V - Series Flat Chip Resistors for High Voltage

    HV73, High Voltage Metal-Glaze Thick Film Resistors

    The HV73-series is designed for voltages up to 3 kV (2512 size). The special coating and trimming insulation ensures that higher voltages can be applied at operating temperatures up to +155 °C. Using high voltage resistors instead of a string of standard parts means that fewer parts are used in voltage detecting circuits and less PCB space is needed. The HV73V-series is AEC-Q200 tested and suitable for high reliability automotive applications.

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    TLR - Series Low Resistance High Power Chip Resistors

    TLR Metal Plate Shunt Resistors

    TLR metal plate current sensing resistors are now offered in the ultra-low resistance range 0.5mΩ…20mΩ and allow increased power ratings up to 5W (2512) at +110°C terminal temperature. Special trimming gives the device low inductance as well as reduced 'hot spot' power dissipation. The TLR series also has excellent pulse resistance and high-frequency characteristics.

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    Here we feature some selected RS DesignSpark articles on KOA products.

    Precision Surface Mount Resistors -  when to use thin film and when to use thick film

    Precision Surface Mount Resistors - when to use thin film and when to use thick film

    Precision thin film surface mount resistors have been around for almost a quarter of a century. They are excellent devices offering the user a combination of low inductance, low noise, low-temperature coefficient and close tolerance. In many instrumentation, automotive, audio, and industrial applications, they are pretty much the precision resistor of choice. However, they do have one major weakness.......

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    Resistor Downsizing - PCB Space Saving Diagram

    Resistor Downsizing - PCB Space Saving

    The trend in commodity chip resistor sizes is to go smaller. That's not really a surprise, just like semiconductors the smaller the resistor the more you can get from a single ceramic sheet during manufacturing. While many designs can simply move to the smaller sizes in the next design iteration, some applications need the larger chip sizes due to higher power dissipation. So, what to do if you need higher power, but want to migrate away from the larger chip sizes and future proof a design?

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    Picture of wide terminal resistors

    Wide Terminal Resistors Improve Circuit Reliability

    Wide terminal resistors have been around for many years now, and the best-known benefit in using their use is the fact that the designer can dissipate more power in a smaller device, as the heat is more efficiently dissipated via the terminals on the long side rather than on the short side. However, there is a lesser-known but still very important benefit in using wide terminal devices: reduced termination cracking after repeated thermal cycling.

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