ENIX Energies 3.7V Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack, 1.84Ah

Technical Reference
Legislation and Compliance
RoHS Status: Not Applicable
COO (Country of Origin): GB
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ENIX Energies Lithium Ion Batteries

ENIX Energies have brought to you a range of lithium rechargeable battery packs, these feature lithium cells arranged in combination. They all have a high, reliable charge density that offer lasting results. The actual voltage and capacity whilst in use will be effected by various factors, these include the temperature, discharge rate, method and end point voltage amongst any other variables that should be considered.

Features and Benefits

• High energy density
• Maintenance free
• Long life cycle
• Complies with UN transport regulations
• Suitable for air transport
• In-built circuit protection

Typical Applications of a Lithium Rechargeable Battery

• Lithium Ion cells are an attractive way of powering a variety of electronic devices
• Electric industry
• Industrial and commercial use
• Lithium batteries are used widely, ranging from electric vehicles to radio-controlled children’s toys
• Digital clocks, digital cameras and other products alike
• They are a great solution for when a higher voltage or current needs to be supply power

Are Lithium Batteries Harmful?

Lithium-ion batteries can emit many different hazardous gases when overheated or not handled carefully, this can cause strong irritation to the skin, eyes and nasal passages and harm the environment. The batteries contain a flammable electrolyte which can be pressurized if they become damaged or not handled with care.

How to store Lithium batteries?

Avoid keeping the batteries in drawers with metallic objects like paperclips, coins, other batteries or household items such as steel wool, aluminium foil and keys. If these touch, this can be a potential fire hazard. Keep the batteries in their original packaging until ready to use.

Caution Advice

• Please do not store in a fully discharged condition • Please do not charge or discharge with more than the specified current
• Please do not short circuit
• Please do not incinerate or mutilate the battery
• Please do not solder directly to the battery
• Please do not recharge in a hermetically sealed container


Use only the approved charger


  • Use only within the allowed parameters
Attribute Value
Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Number of Cells 3
Capacity 1.84Ah
Terminal Type Wire Lead
Operating Temperature Range -10 → +50°C
Discontinued product