Pico Technology PicoScope 4000 Series PicoScope 4444 Oscilloscope, PC Based, 4 Channels, 20MHz

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Picoscope 4444 High Resolution Differential USB Oscilloscope

The PicoScope 4444 and its accessories offer accurate and detailed measurement for a multitude of applications. At the heart of every PicoScope 4444 is an advanced oscilloscope that offers everything you would expect and much more, including:

Key Features

4 fully differential high-impedance inputs 20 MHz bandwidth
Flexible 12 and 14-bit resolution
256 MS deep memory
Rejects common-mode noise
Interface for intelligent probes and clamps
Low-voltage probe for millivolts to 50 V
1000 V CAT III probe for high-voltage applications
10000 waveform circular buffer
Up to 100 000 waveforms per second update rate
Serial bus decoding
Mask limit testing
Advanced math and filtering
Measurements with statistics
Advanced digital triggering
USB 3.0 connected and powered

Typical Applications

Non-ground-referenced measurements Safe probing of single-phase and three-phase voltages and currents
Measuring power drawn by mobile and IoT devices
Mains quality testing
SMPS design
Hybrid and electric vehicle design
•Motor drives and inverters
Biomedical electronics
Measuring differential signals (CAN, balanced audio) with a single channel

Intelligent Differential Inputs

With a traditional oscilloscope probe, single-ended measurements are made between a high-impedance input and a low-impedance ground. With a differential oscilloscope, measurements are made between two high-impedance inputs, allowing measurements to be made across components and test points where neither side is grounded. Differential inputs also reject common-mode noise: noise picked up equally on both high-impedance inputs is rejected.
Each of the four input channels on the PicoScope 4444 features an intelligent probe interface that detects and identifies compatible probes, and powers them where necessary. Each channel can have its own choice of voltage or current probe.
Non-attenuating probes allow high-resolution, low-noise measurement of signals ranging from millivolts to ±50 V. Attenuating probes allow signals up to 1000 V CAT III to be measured. Current probes are available for currents up to 2000 A.

Pico PC Based Instruments

Attribute Value
Number of Channels 4
Bandwidth 20MHz
Oscilloscope Type PC Based
Series PicoScope 4000
Minimum Vertical Sensitivity 2mV/div
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity 10mV/div
Sample Rate Random 256 M Sample/s
Safety Category Level CAT III
Safety Category Voltage 1000V
Vertical Resolution 12 bit, 14 bit
Safety Category CAT III 1000 V
Rise Time 17.5 (D9-BNC) ns, 23.3 (PicoConnect 441) ns
Model Number p PicoScope 4444
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