RS PRO Barrel Analogue Magnetic Pickup, 2.5 mm Detection Range, 10 V

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RoHS Status: Not Applicable
COO (Country of Origin): US
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Analogue Magnetic Pick-Up

These analogue output style transducers are available in three sizes: 1/4in (std.), 3/8in (high o/p) and 5/8in (heavy duty). They offer an inexpensive solution wherever a simple alternating waveform corresponding to movement past the pole piece is required. They are passive devices requiring no external power. They yield an output voltage in response to variations in their self-induced magnetic field caused by proximity to moving ferrous metal parts. They are steel encased for ruggedness and are supplied with two fixing nuts.

The output voltage is given for a load of 100kΩ with a 0.005in air gap at 20kHz operation. This corresponds quite closely to the pick up being 0.13mm from a 38mm diameter gear wheel with 30 teeth revolving at 13000rpm. The output will be different with other conditions and will be influenced by the composition of the gear wheel teeth. In unusual conditions it should be determined by experiment noting the following points:

Use the pick up with a high impedance load and position the pick up as close as is safe to the moving parts, clearances up to 2.5mm are quite normal
In a geared system, use the pick up with the highest speed gear wheel


The Heavy Duty version is supplied with a MS3101A 10SL 2P Connector.


Magnetic Pick-Ups

Miniature magnetic 'pick-up' transducers suitable for use in a wide range of sensing applications. Each device responds to movement of ferrous parts past the pole on the end of the unit. Used extensively in areas such as speed regulation of motors, when sensing for example, the teeth on a gear wheel. However, magnetic pick-ups may be used to implement feedback and control functions in many fields. Automotive applications include crank angle sensing, ignition timing, anti-skid systems and diagnostics. Applications in the computer peripherals area encompass disc drives, line printers, card punches/readers and printer terminals. The diagrams indicate the two basic modes of using these components. Note especially their small size in relation to their high signal output, enabling their deployment where many conventional sensors cannot be fitted. Fully encapsulated construction for reliable operation, but not intended for immersion in liquids.

Attribute Value
Body Style Barrel
Output Type Analogue
Detection Range 2.5 mm
Terminal Type Wire Lead
Thread Size 1/4-28 UNF-2A
Supply Voltage 10 V
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +100°C
Dimensions 6.35 (Dia.) x 22 mm
Length 22mm
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£ 11.91
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£ 14.29
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Per unit
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