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    Parts List

    Parts Lists

    Organise and save your products with Parts list.

    Create multiple parts lists to save and organise your products. This allows you to manage your on-going projects. You can also send saved parts list to a colleague. How can you do it?


    Log in or register to create a parts list using the two following methods:

    Put the items directly into your parts list:

    1. When you find your product on the web page you have the option to add the product to a new or existing parts list.
    2. Click the 'add to parts list' button located under 'add to basket' button.
    3. Choose either add to existing parts list or create a new list.

    Save from your basket:

    1. Build your order in your basket, then click 'Save for later' icon located at the bottom.
    2. Enter a name for your new parts list and a description to help you identify it in the future, then click 'Save'.
    3. If adding to an existing parts list, select an existing list from the drop-down menu and press 'Add'


    Add specific products to your basket:

    1. From the 'My Account' page, click 'Parts List'
    2. Search for the parts list from which you want to order products from and select.
    3. Select the specific products that you want to add to your order and then click 'Add Selected to Order'
    4. If you already have products on your order you'll be asked whether or not you want to overwrite these.

    Add your whole list to an order:

    1. Go to 'My Account' section and got to 'Parts List'
    2. Find the parts list you would like to order.
    3. Tick the box to select which parts list you wish to order and then click 'Add to Order'


    From 'My Account', select 'Parts List' click here and search for your available parts list.

    In the results line for each parts list, you will see an option 'Send list to a colleague'. Click on the email icon. Enter your colleague's email address and message and click send.

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