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    Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

    Let us take care of your stock inventory with RS ScanStock®, an open issue, bin stock solution for industrial supplies.

    Transform your inventory with RS ScanStock®

    Reduced inventory costs

    RS ScanStock® helps you maintain stock availability and avoid tying up cash in excess or unused inventory.

    Cost-effective replenishment

    Our Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions do all the stock checking, ordering, receiving, unpacking and put-away of items.

    Improved reporting

    Gain clearer visibility of your stock and transparency of product usage through agreed reporting.

    Greater efficiency

    Less time spent on raising orders and awaiting deliveries. Consolidated invoice summary means reduced paperwork.

    Increased productivty

    Reduces walk-and-wait time, enabling your engineers to focus on core activities.

    Increased availability

    24/7 availability, an ideal stock solution for fast moving items that you typically want close to work areas as open issue, lineside or central stores solution.

    Minimise costs and improve productivity with RS ScanStock®

    Let us take care of your inventory management with RS ScanStock®, an open issue inventory replenishment solution for industrial supplies.

    How ScanStock® delivers cost efficiencies

    By partnering with our customers, we deliver solutions designed to transform stock management and save time and money.

    RS Inventory rep scanning bins

    Take a look at how our Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions boost productivity.

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    employees working at stations in manufacturer

    Discover how we increased accessibility to parts on a shopfloor for a market-leading manufacturer.

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    The iForge at Sheffield University

    RS helps a university engineering department improve product quality - saving time and money.

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    Right product, right place, right time

    From the installation of storage solutions and stock selection to checks and replenishment, we take care of everything.

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    The cost associated with unneeded inventory could be more than 18% of purchase price*

    Source: Cost Reduction in MROP Procurement, Joel Roth

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